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Two Handy Kitchen Helpers, Build Both in a Weekend

Our Utensil Rack and Kife Block/Cutting Board Will Make Great Additions For Your Kitchen

The Utensil Rack
Most modern kitchens are small, so space must be used wisely. Here's a great space-saving idea -- a utensil rack to hang pots, pans, spoons, etc. so they're out of the way, yet convenient when needed.

Start by cutting all the required Rail and Batten pieces to size from 3/4" thick stock using your Table Saw. Make then whatever length you desire. Next, cut your dowels to length from 3/8" and 3/4" dowel rod.

Switch to Drill Press mode and use a 3/4" diameter bit to bore the dowel rod holes 2" in from each end of your horizontal Rails. Clamp a block of wood to your Rip Fence or use our Flip-Up Rip Fence Stop to ensure the exact same positioning for each hole.

Next, tilt your Worktable 15-degrees and use a 3/8" Bit to drill the angled holes for your 3/8" diameter Dowel Pegs.

Lay the Rails on top of the Battens with a removable, 3/4" scrap wood spacer block between each Rail. Mark and bore the mating 3/4" dia. dowel holes in the Battens. Also, bore the screw holes in the back of the bottom Rail - and countersunk holes in the Plexiglas panel for assembly.

Sand all pieces. Assemble the Rails to the Battens with dowels and glue. Glue your Dowel Pegs into your angled holes. Finish the Rack with an oil and water-resistant finish such as polyurethane or tung oil. Attach the plexiglas panel to the back of the Battens to keep pans from marring your walls. Bolt the finished Utensil Rack to the kitchen wall.

The utensils hang from the Wire Hooks, which in turn, hang from the Rails. Make the Hooks by bending 1/8" steel or aluminum rods. Use pliers to form square corners to fit over the Rails, and bend the opposite end around a 1" diameter pipe to form the Hook.

Assembly, Hook Detail

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